The Philosophy of Change
- Beauty of Balance in Nature -

The philosophy of Eki was established in China during the Zhou dynasty (1046-256BCE) and was introduced to Japan in the 6th century. It acknowledges that there is a way to realize the underlying processes of our universe through harmonization with nature. Eki is a method in which one can attain spiritual connectivity with the universe. One can attain a deep understanding of Eki through dedicated study and practice.
Recognizing that situations can arise in which one can stray, wander, and run into conflicts in life, Eki can help direct one towards realignment with to right path. I believe that Eki can provide a vital guidance through life.
Japan’s own culture was born out of harmonization with nature, and from the time of its inception, has been deeply rooted in the understanding of this synthesis. The philosophy of Eki is based on the same fundamental principle of this belief and thus, the practice of Eki can lead to a deeper understanding of Japanese culture throughout history.
This assimilation and respect for nature is not just limited to Japanese culture but can also be observed in the primal world and in this way, the primal world is congruent with Eki.
Eki deals with the profound mysterious sense of beauty in the universe. Eki can guide one to understand what we instinctively feel as being beautiful in nature and realize a fundamental understanding of beauty.
My art focuses on the exploration of the elements and harmony that exists in nature.
My art practice is not only shaped by a spiritual understanding of things, but also through the investigation of science, mathematics, and literature, all colliding to strike a beautiful balance. I continue to aim to find that balance.