I believe that life is a journey in which we walk along a dark road in the night.
People feel anxiety and loneliness, but they seek one ray of light and walk along searching all the time for enjoyment and encouragement.
That light, in my view, is art and culture – our collective sense of aesthetics.
That is why I feel that cultural exchange is the exchange of light.
In other words, art and culture is a way by which one ray of light becomes many times brighter.

That is why it has the power to dispel anxiety, beget a sense of security, and lead to peace. I believe that my calligraphy, flower arts, and incense each constitute one such ray of light. That’s why I feel they need no further explanation. When we look at flowers and feel they are beautiful, what reason do we need for that feeling? If contact with my works makes the viewer breathe a sigh of relief, then that’s enough for me.