Biography and CV


Born in 1970 in Tokyo, Japan
Bachelor’s Degree in Geological Sciences, Ohio University, USA in 1993
Master’s Degree in Geophysics, Ohio University, USA in 1996
Successor of Nishiura Brand (Descendant of Nishiura Enji, founder of Nishiura-yaki porcelain, 1806)
Chief director of Non-Profit Organization Washinbunnkakouryuukai (Japanese culture for children)
Board member of the Japan-Bulgaria Society
Grandmaster of Nishiura School, Japanese culture
Vice Grandmaster of Teshigahara Ikebana School
Master of Sogetsu Ikebana School
Master of Sekiso Tea Flower School
Master of Calligraphy
Instructor of Omotesenke Tea School
Annual Extraordinary Profession in Seibu-Bunri University, 2004
Representative Director of Japan Southeast Europe Business Association


Exhibition of Nishiura Yaki porcelain, Ryokusuido Gallery, Japan
Floral Producer for Mekiki Association, Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Museum, the former palace of Prince Asaka, Japan
Flower Demonstration for Japan Society of Detroit, Michigan, USA
Floral Producer and Incense Ceremony for Kanze House (Kanze Noh School), Japan
Floral Tribute at Nogi Shrine, Japan
Incense Tribute for Beppin Community at Hakone Shrine, Japan
Incense Tribute for photographer Rocky Tanaka at Tamaki Shrine, Japan
Nishiura Style Incense, Flower, and Tea Ceremony (held annually since 2003-present), prominent teahouses of Tokyo
Incense Ceremony for Rocky Tanaka (commemorative award party the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology Prize), Tokyo National Museum, Japan
Flower Producer and Performance for “HOUGAKU SEIYOUTO KURABUREBA HANA”, sponsored by Nippon Steel Corporation, Kioi Hall, Japan
Incense Demonstration for the Brighton Japan Society, United Kingdom
Floral Tribute in Hikawa Shrine (held biannually since 2005-present), Japan
Flower Arrangement for the Tokyo Mid-Town Building, Japan
Incense ceremonial workshop in Ryousenji Temple, Nara, Japan
Floral arrangements for the anniversary party for Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte, Chinzanso Hotel Tokyo, Japan
Flower Space Coordinator for the 50th Anniversary Commencement Event for Michiko Kitago, Tokyo Ginza Gallery, Japan
Incense and Calligraphy Performance for “Flip Side of Yoshi’s” at Yoshi’s, San Francisco, USA
Floral and Incense Performance for “Kimono Mystique - Experience the sense of grace” at Yoshi’s, San Francisco, USA
Incense workshop in Koinan Temple, San Francisco, USA
Spatial Producer and English Supporter for “OMOTENASHI EXPERIENCE”, sponsored by Mitsui Fudosan, Mitsui Building, Tokyo, Japan
Floral Performance for “KIMONO WA NIHONBASHI 2009 HARU” at COREDO Nihonbashi, Tokyo, Japan
Floral Performance at Mitsukoshi Theater, sponsored by Mitsukoshi Department Store and Tokyo Kimono Club, Japan
Calligraphy and Floral Exhibition, “POWER OR PRAYER new calligraphy: art of writing”, SuperFrog Gallery, San Francisco, USA
“Ceremony for Peace: With Musician Kitaro and Artist Kihachiro Nishiura”, Superfrog Gallery, San Francisco, USA
Floral Performance at Lord Bath Longleat House, United Kingdom
Director for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government MICE PR film
Floral Producer for “Vienna Ball in Tokyo 2011” with Princess Takamado in attendance, sponsored by the Austrian Embassy, Westin Hotel Tokyo, Japan
Floral and Tea Producer for “Welcome party for Prime Minister Boyko Metodiev Borisov of the Republic of Bulgaria, 2011”, sponsored by Japan-Bulgaria Society, Koyu Kaikan Tokyo, Japan
Calligraphy Exhibition, “POWER OF PRAYER”, National Gallery for Foreign Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria
Calligraphy Exhibition, Kazanlak Information Center, Bulgaria, sponsored by the Japanese Embassy in Republic of Bulgaria and Mitsubishi
Demonstration of Flower, Calligraphy, and Incense at University of Belgrade Youth Center and University of Nis Faculty of Arts, Serbia
Special Judge for Japan Ball at the National Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington DC, USA
Flower and Calligraphy Demonstration at Academy of Arts Novi Sad, University of Belgrade Youth Center, and Nis Art College, Serbia
Calligraphy Exhibition, University of Belgrade Youth Center, Serbia
Calligraphy Exhibition and Demonstration, Veliko Tarnovo Municipal Museum, Bulgaria
Calligraphy Exhibition, Finesse Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
Calligraphy Exhibition, Matsuda Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
Calligraphy Exhibition and Demonstration, Sofia International Paper Biennale, Sofia, Bulgaria
Calligraphy Exhibition and Demonstration, Ruse Art Gallery, Ruse, Bulgaria
Calligraphy Exhibition and Demonstration, Pavlikeni History Museum, Pavlikeni, Bulgaria
Tea Director for Tokyo Metropolitan government MICE RP film
Calligraphy workshop in Paris, France
Incense Ceremony Demonstration at Washington Innovation Network, USA
Incense Ceremony Demonstration, National Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington DC, USA
Calligraphy and Floral Demonstration in Serbia
Calligraphy and Floral Demonstration in Bulgaria
Calligraphy and Floral Demonstration at the Japanese Ambassador’s Residence in Jakarta, Indonesia
Incense Ceremony Demonstration for “Urushi: Masterpieces of Lacquerware by Kazumi Murose, Living National Treasure of Japan”, Portland Japanese Garden, USA
Calligraphy Exhibition, Ethnographic Museum, Budapest, Hungary
Calligraphy and Nishiura-Yaki Exhibition, National Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
Calligraphy Exhibition, Art Gallery, Shumen, Bulgaria
Demonstration at University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Bucharest, Romania
Demonstration at Tbilisi History Museum, Georgia, supported by the Embassy of Japan and Bulgaria
Calligraphy and Nishiura Porcelain Exhibition, Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, Haifa, Israel
Calligraphy and Nishiura Porcelain Exhibition, Mairie du 8e, Paris, France

Main Lectures

“Interior Coordination for Christmas and New Year”, sponsored by Nihon Wasou, Japan
“Flower and Ceramic Ware”, sponsored by Nihon Byoji Hoiku Kyokai, Japan
“Incense”, sponsored by Coco-de-sica, Japan
“International Relation” held at Kyoritsu Women’s University, Japan
Flower and Incense lecture held at Castilleja School, Palo Alto, USA
“Incense and I-Ching”, New York, USA
Incense Lecture, held at Stanford University, Stanford, USA
“Scent of the Shining Prince: An Aromatic Experience from an Ancient Japanese Court Life”, sponsored by the Consulate General of Japan, Japan Society in Northern California, San Francisco Hall, USA
Incense Lecture and Calligraphy Exhibition, Iwasawa Oriental Art, Los Gatos, USA
“Incense in the Tale of Genji”, held at Portland State University, Portland, USA
“Japanese Calligraphy: from Genji to Today”, held at Portland State University, Portland, USA
Katsuura Japanese Culture Class, sponsored by Mitsui Fudosan, Millenia Katsuura, Japan
Flower and Tea lecture and demonstration for foreigners, held by Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Government Hall, Japan
“Incense”, held by Shinnichiya, Japan
Incense Lecture, held by Japan-America Society of Washington, Washington DC, USA
“Art and Nature”, held by Washington Innovation Network JTS, Washington DC, USA
Incense Lecture, held by Japan-America Society of Washington, Washington DC, USA
Calligraphy workshop, held at the Japanese Garden in Portland, Oregon USA
Calligraphy workshop for the First Lady of the Republic of Georgia, held at the Ambassador’s Residence, Georgia
Calligraphy, Flower, and Tea Ceremony Workshop at Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, Haifa, Israel
Flower Demonstration and Workshop for Ikebana International, Detroit, Michigan USA


“English Conversation” NHK
“Ado-Macciku Tangoku Aoyama-do Avenue” TV Tokyo
“Opinion” Japan Todo Press
“Kimono and Myself”, KIMONO SALON, Sekai Bunka Publishing Co.
Nihon Wasou
Nihon Wasou
“Japanese Five Senses” Vol. 12, Nihon Healing Relaxation Society
“City Living” Sankai Living Newspaper
“Omotenashi – Beautiful Treasure of Seasons”, Re-member Publication
Nihon Wasau
Isis La Terre, Isis Organic Mook Series Number 19, 2004
Nihon Wasou
Floral works in IKKA ICHIYOU KANOUSEI, Hanajikan Magazine, Kadokawa Shoten Publishing co.
Floral works and interview in IMA HANAHIRAKU CHUUMOKU NO WAKAKI HANABITO TACHI, Hanajikan, Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co.
Interview in FM Shibuya Radio Station
Floral work and interview in TULIP OKURI WATAKUSHIRYU, Hanajikan, Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co
Interview in San Francisco Radio Mainichi
NISHIURA STYLE EVENT in MON Monthly Magazine, San Francisco, USA
NISHIURA STYLE EVENT in Sports J Newspaper, San Francisco, USA
NISHIURA STYLE EVENT in Hokubei Mainichi Newspaper, San Francisco, USA
NISHIURA STYLE EVENT in Bay Area ART and Music, Sports J, San Francisco, USA
Magazine “Star People”, Spiritual Art, Calligraphy
Europost about Calligraphy Exhibition
TV and Newspapers in Bulgaria
Live Broadcast for National TV and Republic of Serbia Newspaper
KOPMPAS, RMOL, Jakarta Shinbun Newspapers and Magazines, Jakarta, Indonesia
TV and Newspapers in Serbia
TV and Newspapers in Bulgaria
TV and Newspaper in Bulgaria


Calligraphy classes for foreigners in Portland, OR, USA
Calligraphy classes for Priests in Nogi Shrine, Tokyo, Japan
Zen Calligraphy classes for Iwasawa Oriental Art, Los Gatos, CA, USA
Flower Arrangement classes for children and adults
Tokiwagi Flower Arrangement classes
HANATOKATARAU, Flower Arrangement classes in Ikebukuro Community College, Japan
Flower Arrangement Classes in Portland, Oregon, USA
Flower Arrangement Classes for Soga Segetsu School, Sofia, Bulgaria
NISHIURA STYLE SELECTION, in Ikebukuro Community College, Japan
Antique and fine art appraisal classes
Reikai, Incense meeting at night
Incense Classes in Seoul, Korea, and Washington DC, USA
Incense “Asobikou” Classes
Volunteering leading NPO flower and calligraphy classes for children


Fine Work Prize for Calligraphy in CHUUNICHI Newspaper Tournament
Excellent Prize for Calligraphy in CHUUNICHI Newspaper Tournament
Excellent Prize for Calligraphy in Annual DAITOUBUNNKA University Tournament
Research Prize in Ohio University

Main Collections

National Ethnographic Museum, Budapest Hungary
Ambassador’s Residence at the Japanese Embassy in the Republic of Serbia
Japanese Embassy in the Republic of Hungary
Amaterasu Foundation
Hungary-Japan Friendship Society
Tikotin Museum, Haifa Israel
SuperFrog Gallery, San Francisco, CA, USA
Iwasawa Oriental Arts, Los Gatos, CA, USA