Biography and CV

Personal Profile:


Born_ in 1970, Tokyo, Japan


Bachelor’s degree for Geological Sciences, Ohio University, USA (1993)
Master’s degree for Geophysics, Ohio University, USA (1996)
Special Private lessons for each Japanese Culture field


Successor of Nishiura Brand (Descendant of Nishiura-yaki porcelain) since 1806
Grand Master of Nishiura School, Japanese culture
Vice Grand Master of Teshigahara Ikebana School
Master of Sogetsu Ikebana School
Master of Sekiso Tea flower school
Master of Calligraphy
Instructor of Omotesenke Tea School
Over 20years Incense Ceremony experience
Over 20years EKI Philosophy experience

Posthumous name:

HOUSHOU (Ikebana)

Career History:

Representative Master, “NISHIURA STYLE”
CEO and Appraiser, Nishiura Ryokusuido, Fine Art
Chief Director, NPO Washinbunnkakouryuukai (Japanese culture for children)
Director, Japan-Bulgaria Society
Representative Director, Japan South East Europe Business Association
Annual extraordinary professor in Seibu-Bunri University, 2004
Culture and Art tour advisor for VIP, Japan Quest Tour and SHINNICHIYA

Chief Events:

Space decorative art:

Floral and space producer for “Vienna Ball in Tokyo 2011” with Princess Takamado in attendance sponsored by Embassy of Austria, Tokyo (2011)

Floral and Tea Producer for “Welcome Party for the Prime Minister of Republic of Bulgaria”, Tokyo (2011)

Producer of event:

Coordinating “Living National Treasure Kazumi Murose” at Portland Japanese Garden, supported by All Nippon Air Ways( ANA ) (2014)

Main Exhibition in Museum:

Exhibition of “POWER OF PRAYER new calligraphy”, National Gallery for Foreign Arts, Sofia Bulgaria (2011)

Exhibition of Calligraphy, Veriko Turnovo Municipal Museum. Bulgaria (2013)

Exhibition of Calligraphy in Ethnographic Museum with the former President of Hungary in attendance, Budapest, Hungary (2014)

Exhibition of Calligraphy and Nishiura porcelain, National gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria (2014)

Exhibition of Calligraphy and Nishiura Porcelain, Tikotin Museum, Haifa, Israel (2016)

Exhibition of Calligraphy and Nishiura Porcelain, 8th ward office hall, Paris, France (2016)

Main Exhibition in Gallery:

Floral exhibition “Flower and Man spiritual dialogue” Superfrog Gallery , San Francisco (2010)

Calligraphy Exhibition “POWER OF PRAYER new calligraphy art of writing” Superfrog Gallery, San Francisco (2010)

Exhibition of Calligraphy, Matsuda Gallery, Bulgaria (2013)

Exhibition of Calligraphy, Ruse Art Gallery, Bulgaria (2013)

Representative Exhibition of Calligraphy in Paper Biennale Sofia, Bulgaria (2013)

Calligraphy exhibition in Triangular Tower of Serdica Atelier, Sofia, Bulgaria(2019)

Main Demonstrations:

Flower Producer and performance for “HOUGAKU SEIYOUTO KURABUREBA HANA” ,KIOI Hall , Tokyo Japan sponsored by Nippon Steel Corporation (2005)

Floral performance in Lord Bath Longleat House, United Kingdom (2010)

Flower, Calligraphy, and Incense in Beograd University and Art Academy Nis, Novi Sad, Republic of Serbia, (2012,2013)

Flower and Calligraphy demonstration in Japanese Ambassador’s residence in Indonesia (2014)

Demonstration at Agriculture University, Bucharest Rumania (2015)

Demonstrations and talk of Calligraphy and Incense for Washington Women’s Club at the Japanese Ambassador’s Residence of the USA (2017)

Demonstration of Calligraphy in Portland Japanese Garden in the USA (2018,2019)

Special workshop:

Workshop of Calligraphy for First Lady of Republic of Georgia at Japanese Ambassador’s residence (2015)

Temples and Shrines Ceremony and demonstrations:

Tamaki Shrine, Nara Japan
Nogi Shrine, Tokyo Japan
Hakaone Shrine, Kanagawa Japan
Hikawa Shrine, Tokyo Japan
Ryousenji Temple, Nara Japan
Ryoudenji Temple, Tokyo Japan
Kojin-An, Oakland CA

Main Lectures:

Incense ceremony and Calligraphy, Department of State, USA
Incense Ceremony, Stanford University, USA
Incense Ceremony and Calligraphy, Portland State University, USA
Calligraphy, New York University, USA
International Exchange, Kyoritsu Women’s University
Incense Ceremony, The Consulate general of Japan in San Francisco, USA
Incense Ceremony, Japan Society in Washington DC, Oregon, California, USA
Incense Ceremony, Japan Society in Brighton, United Kingdom
Calligraphy, Portland Japanese Garden, USA
Tea Ceremony, Tokyo Metropolitan government office hall, Japan
Incense Ceremony, Japan Science & Technology Agency, Washington D.C., USA
Calligraphy, Nogi Shrine, Japan
Ikebana, Seibu Culture School, Japan

Media:and Publications:

Republic of Serbia
Republic of Bulgaria
Portland OR, San Francisco CA, Washington D.C, USA

Main Collection of Calligraphy works:

National Ethnographic Museum, Budapest Hungary
Japanese Embassy in Republic of Serbia
Japanese Embassy in Republic of Hungary
Japanese Embassy in the USA
Amateras Foundation, Sofia Bulgaria
Hungary-Japan Friendship Society
Tikotin Museum, Haifa Israel
Some private Galleries